To dare or not to wear!

Azi vreau sa vorbim despre curaj! Pentru ca ai nevoie de curaj sa-ti analizezi viata si ai nevoie de curaj sa admiti ca ai nevoie de o schimbare. Apoi ai nevoie de si mai mult curaj sa aplici acea schimbare!

Curajul il cauti inca din primii ani de viata, cand vrei sa faci primii pasi. Incepi timid sa te ridici si te sprijini de orice iti iese in cale, de parca ai simti ca odata ce iti dai drumul…gata, trebuie sa infrunti viata!

Aceasta frica de a infrunta viata se pastreaza si azi, fara sa realizezi ca lipsa curajului te duce la lipsa fericirii! Cel mai greu lucru este sa constientizezi ca nu esti fericita! O stii in adancul sufletului, dar preferi sa ramai in relatia nepotrivita si la jobul nepotrivit din frica de schimbare, din frica de mai rau!

Curaj, Cenusareaso! Tu poti orice si inca nu stii asta! Incepe prin a-ti analiza viata si a te analiza pe tine. Fa o lista cu realizarile de pana acum, apoi completeaz-o cu realizarile din viitor, cu ce iti doresti sa faci, cum iti doresti sa devii. Apoi gandeste-te la lucrurile care te impiedica sa obtii ceea ce iti doresti. Schimbarea de acolo trebuie sa inceapa.

Invata sa privesti partea pozitiva a lucrurilor, chiar daca nu orice schimbare e benefica, incearca sa pui pe primul plan lucrurile bune care pot rezulta din acea schimbare.

De curaj ai nevoie si in relatia cu tine!  Continui sa te consideri Ratusca cea Urata, dar nu reusesti sa faci o schimbare! In loc sa cauti solutii,preferi sa gasesti pretexte. Iar pretextele vin la pachet cu frustrari si cu tristete. Uneori am impresia ca ti-e frica de fericire…

Iti spuneam in postarile trecute ca primul pas spre fericire este sa te iubesti pe tine si sa iti accepti defectele. Daca nu poti face asta, atunci macar ai curajul de a schimba ceva.  O tunsoare noua, o dieta minune,  o reimprospatare a garderobei sunt lucruri mici care iti pot aduce satisfactii mari!

Jeans: Bershka; Blouse:no name; Heels: Aldo; Bag: Mango; Hat: Terranova

Si daca tot vorbim de reimprospatarea garderobei, sa stii Cenusareaso ca si in moda ai nevoie de curaj! E ca in viata! Trebuie sa ai curajul de a-ti asuma deciziile pe care le…porti! Moda se schimba si anual apar fel de fel de trend-uri. Pe de o parte sunt acele lucruri care simti ca nu te reprezinta  si pe care nu trebuie sa le porti doar pentru ca sunt la moda. Pe de alta parte exista acele articole suficient de “nebunesti” cu care te identifici, dar pe care nu prea ai curaj sa le porti din frica de ridicol.

Invata sa lupti cu prejudecatile, Cenusareaso! Invata sa te imbraci pentru tine si nu pentru ceilalti! Invata sa traiesti pentru tine si nu pentru ceilalti! Viata va fi mai simpla si mai frumoasa!

Curaj, Cenusareaso! Incearca lucruri noi, pentru ca daca nu incerci, nu vei stii niciodata ce se putea intampla…

Cu drag,



(EN) Today I want to talk about courage! Because you need the courage to analyze your life and you need courage to admit that you need a change. Then you need even more courage to apply that change!

You are looking for courage since the first years of life, when you want to make the first steps. You timidly start to get up and grab everything around as if you know that once you let go, that’s it…you need to face life!

This fear of facing life is preserved today, without realizing that your lack of courage leads to lack of happiness! The hardest thing is to realize that you’re not happy! You know it deep down but you prefer to stay in the inappropriate relationship and unsuitable job for fear of change, fear of worse!

Courage, Cinderella! You can do anything but you don’t know it yet! Start by analyzing yourself andyour life. Make a list of accomplishments to date, and then fill it with the achievements of the future, what you want to do, how you want to become. Then think of all things that prevent you from getting what you want. That is where change must begin!

Learn to look at the positive side of things, even if not every change can be beneficial, try to put in the forefront the good things that can result from that change.

You also need courage in the relationship with yourself! You continue to look at yourself as the Ugly Duckling, but you fail to make a change! Instead of looking for solutions, you prefer to find excuses. And the excuses come bundled with frustration and sadness. Sometimes I think you’re afraid of being happy…

I said in previous posts that the first step to happiness is to love yourself and accept your flaws. If you cannot do that, then at least have the courage to change something. A new haircut, a miracle diet, a wardrobe refresh are little things that can bring big rewards!

And speaking of wardrobe refresh, you know Cinderella, you need a lot of courage in fashion too! It’s like in life! You need to have courage to assume what you … wear! Fashion is constantly changing and new trends appear each year. On one side there are those things that you feel are not for you and you should not wear them just because they are fashionable. On the other hand there are those items sufficiently “outrageous” that you identify with, but which you do not have the courage to wear them for fear of ridicule.

Learn to fight prejudice, Cinderella! Learn to dress for yourself and not for others! Learn to live for yourself and not for others! Life will be simpler and more beautiful!

Courage, Cinderella! Try new things, because if you don’t try you will never know what might have happened…



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