Shopping is my cardio

Despre moda…numai de bine! Asta pana deschizi dulapul si realizezi ca nici azi nu ai cu ce sa te imbraci…camasa alba preferata s-a cam ingalbenit si  fusta visinie iti intra doar pe un picior. Te hotarasti la rochia cu buline, dar iti aduci rapid aminte ca afara ploua si ai nevoie de ceva mai gros…tragi clasicii jeansi pe tine, un tricou negru si cardiganul, arunci doua-trei accesorii si iesi pe usa bombanind…ca nu ti-ai mai cumparat de secole ceva nou, ca trece sezonul pana apuci tu sa-ti iei noii Air Max, ca parca nu-ti vine sa muncesti doua luni gratis pentru ei, ca viata e nedreapta si moda n-ar trebui sa fie pe bani…

Cenusareaso, problema nu e la tine in dulap si nici in portofel! Problema e la cat de nesigura te simti tu in ziua aia si cat de mult ai nevoie sa te agati de o tinuta “traznet” ca sa te simti bine.

Skirt: PNK Casual; Blouse, Shoes, Blazer: Zara; Necklace: BijouBrigitte
Fara sa-ti dai seama, hainele ascund sufletul! De cate ori n-ai dat iama in magazine doar pentru ca ai avut o zi proasta, constienta de faptul ca  “o sesiune de shopping e mai ieftina ca una la psiholog” si cum te-ai simtit cand ti-ai cumparat “cei mai frumosi pantofi din lume” sau “cea mai tare rochie”? Sentimentul asta de “cel mai” dureaza in medie cam doua zile si vreo 10 complimente…apoi problemele revin si simti din nou ca ai sufletul la fel de gol ca si dulapul.
Stiai ca femeile poarta in medie doar 25% din hainele pe care le detin? Asta pentru ca tindem mereu sa ne cumparam lucruri noi incercand sa umplem “golul”
Cenusareaso, hainele nu-ti vor rezolva problemele! Asta doar tu poti sa o faci! Lacrimile nu se sterg cu matase, se sterg cu incredere si zambet!
Fa-ti curat in dulap si in suflet! O sa descoperi lucruri uitate, de care iti era dor si pe care o sa le porti cu drag, dar si lucruri de care iti va fi greu sa te desparti desi stii ca nu mai fac parte din viata ta! Arunca tot ce-ti face rau, tot ce nu te lasa sa fii fericita!  Fara remuscari! Fa loc lucrurilor frumoase!
Si nu uita: o femeie fericita, va fi apreciata indiferent de hainele pe care le poarta!
Cu drag,
(EN)You have only good words for fashion! That is until you open your closet and realize that you don’t have anything to wear…your favorite white shirt is a little yellow and your purple skirt is bit small. You decide on the polka dots dress, but you quickly remember that it’s raining and you need something thicker. So you pull out your classics jeans, a black shirt and a cardigan, you throw two or three accessories and get out the door rattling about how you haven’t bought something new for centuries, how the season goes by and you didn’t get the chance to get your new Air Max, how you may need to work for free the next two months to own them, and how life is unfair and you shouldn’t pay for fashion!
Cinderella, the problem is neither in your closet nor in your wallet! The problem is how unsafe you feel that day and how much you need to “cling” to an outfit to feel better. Do you realize that clothes hide the soul! How many times have you raided stores just because you had a bad day, well aware of the fact that “shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist ” and how did you feel when you bought “the beautiful shoes in the world” or “the hottest dress”? That “the most” feeling lasts about two days and 10 compliments…then problems come back again and again you feel you heart as empty as your closet.
Did you know that women wear on average only 25% of the clothes they own? That’s because we tend to always buy new things to fill in the “gap”.
Cinderella, clothes will not solve your problems! You are the only one that can do that! Don’t wipe your tears with silk, wipe them with confidence and smile!
Clean your closet and your soul! You’ll find things forgotten that you missed and you will wear with love and things that will be hard let go although you know they are no longer part of your life! Throw away everything that is bad, everything that does doesn’t let you be happy! Without remorse! Make way for the beautiful things!
And don’t forget: a happy woman will be appreciated regardless of the clothes she wears!



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